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My desires in a relationship have changed over time. I no longer want someone who promises to always love me and never leave me, I need someone who understands that life happens and sometimes things don’t work out. I don’t want someone who sugar coats things and never gets angry with me, I need someone to tell me how it really is and put me in my place. I need to be able to go five hours without talking to you and not feel lost or incomplete. I am complete without you. But with you, I want to be so much better. I want to be stronger with you. I want us to grow together and help each other grow individually. I don’t need you, but I really fucking want you. And this may not work out, but the fact that you understand all of this and this how our relationship works, makes me think we’ve got a pretty good shot. – This is why I have so much faith in us (via versteur)


having social anxiety is bad because you cant have any relationships with anyone without spending all of your time consumed with thoughts like “they all hate me, they all laugh at me, they all think i’m annoying, everyone hates me and they don’t care about me at all” so don’t fucking go around acting like having anxiety in social situations is cool because its not and it fucking sucks 

I miss you when something really good happens, cause you’re the one I want to share it with. I miss you when something is troubling me, cause you’re the one who understands me so well. I miss you when I laugh & cry, ‘cause I know that you’re the one that makes my laughter grow & tears disappear. I miss you all the time, but I miss you the most when I lie awake at night, & think of all the wonderful times that we spent with each other. – Daily Tumblr Love Quotes (via thelovewhisperer)
Suddenly you’re 21 and you’re screaming along in the car to all the songs you listened to when you were sad in middle school and everything is different but everything is good.

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